Monthly Archives: June 2012

We are approaching the half way mark of our project! Hard to believe…today Derrick picked up Savana, our 11 mo. old granddaughter, from day care for a short visit, & I went all oooey-and-ahhhey over her little ruffled skirt 🙂 While at the local Gold’s Gym for his workout, Derrick spotted this car, owned, I assume, by…

This is what happens when I am stuck at home editing all day – you guys get a boring shot of something in my house, & I find out how deplorable by dusting habits are.   Our tomato collection this year included a Black Cherry  plant. First year we’ve grown them & they are delicioso!

Saw these little fellas stuck on the side of a work shop building. Vertical positivity!   A boy. A hot summer day. A shark tooth necklace. Coalescence.

This has been my view for hours upon hours upon hours the last few days. Editmania! Derrick, on the other hand, has been skipping along in Paris Mountain State Park, admiring the paddle boats. 🙂

(This was yesterdays post but somehow it got published on the wrong page in my blog (note to self: don’t blog while drinking mojito’s) so I’m reposting it in the right category!) Here’s a familiar sight around Anderson – the topiary cow at the local Chik-Fil-A on Clemson Blvd. Remember when some dip-weeds stole it a while back?…