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Project 365 – Day 170

We are approaching the half way mark of our project! Hard to believe…today Derrick picked up Savana, our 11 mo.View full post »

Project 365 – Day 169

This is what happens when I am stuck at home editing all day – you guys get a boring shot of something in myView full post »

Project 365 – Day 168

Saw these little fellas stuck on the side of a work shop building. Vertical positivity!   A boy. A hot summer dayView full post »

Project 365 – Day 167

This has been my view for hours upon hours upon hours the last few days. Editmania! Derrick, on the other hand, hasView full post »

Project 365 – Day 166

(This was yesterdays post but somehow it got published on the wrong page in my blog (note to self: don’t blogView full post »

Jennifer's Bridal at Poinsett Bridge in Greenville, SC 48

Gorgeous Jennifer

Magical. That is the word to describe Jennifer’s bridal. Everything was like, “Wow.” We think youView full post »

Project 365 – Day 165

After a weekend with a 6 year old boy & a 10 month old baby girl, this mojito looks like a little piece of heavenView full post »

Project 365 – Day 164

Soren, our 6 yr old grandson & Lego aficionado, was presented with a new Lego kit that we’ve been holding forView full post »

Project 365 – Day 163

I did a rare thing today – I took my car to a local carwash service instead of washing it myself…correctionView full post »

Project 365 – Day 162

This guy was doing his Spiderman imitation on the side of my house when I got home today. So I asked Derrick what theView full post »

Project 365 – Day 161

I met some prospective clients in Greenville today – such a fun couple! You know who you are – &View full post »

Project 365 – Day 160

Last week’s abundant rainfall brought a variety of strange-looking mushrooms to our yard this week. Here are 4. &View full post »

Project 365 – Day 159

One year ago today my younger sister, Cherie, took her own life. While she had had ups & downs, & was battlingView full post »

Project 365 – Day 158

I was disappointed we didn’t have any more ripe tomatoes when we got home, but we got somethin’ else…View full post »

Project 365 – Days 156 & 157

Nope. We were not goofing off the past 3 days. We left for NC on Fri. to shoot a wedding that day (at the fabulous DeerView full post »

Project 365 – Day 155

Today was Make A Big Change Day. I visited my awesome hair colorist, Lynn Cooper, & let’s just say a differentView full post »

Project 365 – Day 154

The recent showers brought more than flowers; it also produced this vivid yellow-orangey fungus on one of our landscapeView full post »

Project 365 – Day 153

One of our visits to Brevard or Hendersonville, NC resulted in the purchase of this wonderfully shabby-chic corbel. If IView full post »