Monthly Archives: July 2012

Jennifer & David  held their gorgeous wedding in one of our favorite places on earth – Weaverville, NC. And they introduced us to a fantastic new venue (at which we hope to have many more opportunities to shoot!) called Deer Creek Run. Jennifer has an irrepressible, playful spunk, & it showed again & again throughout the day…

I don’t know if it was for sale or what, but it was parked at the side of the road at the edge of someone’s yard & it asked me to take it’s picture; how can you say no to that cute face??   Derrick said the title of this is, “It’s called a turntable, kids.”

I know, I know – another sunset viewed from the field…but, honestly, could I have found anything more beautiful as my shot for the day?   This sticker found a new home on the back glass of Derrick’s camper top after we got back from vacation. That boy do love his beach 🙂

One of  my favorite things to see in the mornings is our neighbor’s barn. I just love when it’s wrapped in misty, gauzy light 🙂   Derrick had the sad task of attending a dear friend’s memorial service in Hartwell, GA today. On the way back he snapped this shot of the dam.

Close-up of a pretty little mroning glory in my dying vegetable garden this morning 🙂   Yesterday I was the one who used a wasp as my subject; today Derrick found one on my hummingbird feeder. I’ve watched them chase the little hummingbirds away, mean buggers.