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Bonnie & Mauricio ~ Wedding 09.22.2012

The wedding of Bonnie & Mauricio was a celebration in true Latino flair – colorful, emotional, full of smilesView full post »

Project 365 – Day 294

Bug love 🙂   These seeds were supposed to make up a fall garden – didn’t quite happen.View full post »

Project 365 – Day 293

My mom gave me het 2 vintage mink coats (which she hadn’t worn in years & I certainly never will!) that areView full post »

Elizabeth & Dane ~ Castle Ladyhawke 10.27.2012

Just a little taste of what’s to come 🙂 Dane’s younger brother, Brandon, tried to deny he got emotionalView full post »

Project 365 – Day 292

I had to go downtown today for an appointment & decided to do a short walkabout to see if I could find a subjectView full post »

Project 365 – Days 290 & 291

Yesterday we had the thrill & privilege of shooting the wedding of Elizabeth & Dane at Castle Ladyhawk inView full post »

Project 365 – Day 289

Sometimes the images for these posts is just too easy 🙂 Sunrise viewed from the field behind our house.   LiloView full post »

Melissa + Eric ~ A Wedding to a Different Drum :)

You know how sometimes you meet someone & they’re just so individual, so not-following-the-herd, that youView full post »

Project 365 – Day 288

This is what my dining room table gets used for these days 🙂 Love sunset shots; they need no explanation 🙂View full post »

Project 365 – Day 287

Behind Wal-Mart today I saw these stacks of flattened boxes. Funny how my eye went straight to anything that had to doView full post »

Project 365 – Day 285 & Day 286

Yesterday we shot a rambunctious, fun engagement session in downtown Greenville. One of the spots the couple wanted usView full post »

Project 365 – Day 284

I had an engagement session today at Pendleton Oil Mill, & I arrived early to scout out the light & see ifView full post »

Project 365 – Day 283

Levi came over today to keep Papa from going crazy from being shut in with a sick woman all week.   Levi’sView full post »

Ashley & Michael ~ 08.11.2012

There was something very special about Ashley & Michael; it really manifested itself during their First Look (may IView full post »

Project 365 – Day 282

There was some amazing mist & light this morning. Even sick with a nasty cold I had to jump in the car & snap aView full post »

Project 365 – Day 281

Eeeeeek!! I really am going! The mail lady was extra nice today 🙂   Been suffering through a cold for aView full post »

Project 365 – Day 280

I’m thinkin’ no explanation is necessary for my pic today, right?   I like the dust clouds from theView full post »

Project 365 – Day 279

Derrick bought a Johnny Cash Greatest hits cd yesterday. I thought it merited a post. 🙂 I always liked Johnny CashView full post »