Monthly Archives: October 2012

Yesterday we had the thrill & privilege of shooting the wedding of Elizabeth & Dane at Castle Ladyhawk in Tuckasegee, NC. Magical. Here’s a ring shot.   Elizabeth & Dane are Tar Heel fans in the biggest way, as Dane’s groom’s cake showed 🙂 I kinda cheated today – the afternoon light out was so golden & perfect…

Sometimes the images for these posts is just too easy 🙂 Sunrise viewed from the field behind our house.   Lilo hits the blog again today, during a little fetch session.

You know how sometimes you meet someone & they’re just so individual, so not-following-the-herd, that you just are captivated by them? That description fits both Melissa & Eric, who were married on 08.01.2012 at the Bleckley Inn here in Anderson. They are die-hard fans of the band Widespread Panic, whose tour they missed in order to get…

This is what my dining room table gets used for these days 🙂 Love sunset shots; they need no explanation 🙂

Behind Wal-Mart today I saw these stacks of flattened boxes. Funny how my eye went straight to anything that had to do with chocolate.   I do love fall, but the sight of a dead sunflower field is kind of sad.