Monthly Archives: December 2012

I love fresh herbs. I have two little rosemary bushes in planters, one of them guarded by our home protection system sign 🙂   A little boy in our neighborhood will be tearin’ up the streets with this bad boy. I bet Derrick was secretly wishing he was small enough to take it for a spin.

What do you do when you’ve reached the end of the day & neither you nor your co-photographer (aka as “husband”) have gotten your shot for the day? You go to the grocery store! Lol. I was checking out all the gluten-free stuff & of course my eye was arrested by something chocolate (but I didn’t…

Don’t know the name of this creek off Midway Road, but I noticed that it was nice & full after the recent rain we’ve had. How many childhood summer days did I spend playing in creeks like this?   The bridge support posts had this cool stuff growing on their tops.  

I don’t think I’d ever tasted coconut milk until we started this wheat-free eating about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Now I love it! We use it in omelettes, flax seed cereal, wheat-free bread recipes & all kinds of other wheat-free recipes.   I love fields of this stuff for photo sessions; Derrick had no subject except the…

Das right. I’m just chillin’ wi’ my rooster.   Spartanburg has got to be, like, Wall Graffiti/Mural Capitol of the World because every time Derrick goes there he gets one of these cool shots.