Monthly Archives: January 2013

I stopped at Anderson University today to shoot the arched sign, but as I was walking back to my car I saw this bench at Gaston Hall. I like. 🙂   Not. Fair.

I don’t know this mysterious man with no hands or feet but I certainly would stop for him if he was crossing in front of me. Guy has enough problems without getting run over.   Sweet little bronze statue downtown 🙂

Wow, only 5 days left on our P365! And on this illustrious day I found this mesmerizing subject – bread. Lol. well, this is wheat-free bread made with coconut flour & though it looks a little rough (it was my first time cooking it, & I learned I need to cook the next one a…

Ever had the sharp, pointy end of a dog-tooth-honed sliver of a bone meet up forcibly with the end of your big toe? Lilo’s bones end up scattered all over the house, despite my efforts to keep them in a nice little pile on her bed.   Derrick started out his shot for today getting a pic…

Today was the perfect day for thick, wool socks & hot green tea 🙂   Hot chocolate is pretty good, too, Derrick decided.