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Amanda + Austin | Twigs Tempietto Wedding 10.18.2014

Can I just say – I *adore* an emotional groom?!? There is nothing sweeter in this world than a man whose love forView full post »

Sarah + Paul | NC Arboretum Wedding Day

Some couples are just so sweet, so adorable, so full of positive I just want to put them in my pocket + carry themView full post »

Carly + Kyle | Pretty Place + Table Rock Wedding Day

Carly & Kyle were made for each other. No two ways about it. I could feel it the first time I met them –View full post »

Elizabeth + Ethan | Wedding at The Bleckley Inn

These two melted my heart. So. In. LOVE! When Elizabeth & Ethan looked at each other it was like no one else in theView full post »

Becky + Chip | Wedding + Upcountry History Museum Reception

There was absolutely nothing about Becky & Chip’s wedding that was ordinary for me – a bride as sweetView full post »

Stefanie’s Clemson Botanical Bridal

I thought my camera was going to melt. How could it not?? This. Girl. Is. HAWT! I swear, my heart was just thumpingView full post »

Christina + Mat | Wedding Sneak Peek

hec·tic hektik adjective 1.full of incessant or frantic activity. Well, that pretty much sums up my last couple ofView full post »

Whitney + Colton | Clemson Engagement Session

So I’m siting at Clemson Botanical Gardens waiting for my couple whom I’ve never met to arrive for theirView full post »

Ansley’s Bridal | Clemson Botanical Gardens

You know you’ve been too busy editing wedding photos when you see one of your bride’s post her bridalView full post »

Elizabeth’s Bridal | Clemson Botanical Gardens + Clemson Campus

Give me a bride with blonde bombshell curves, a birdcage veil & luscious dress of cream, raw silk & I am inView full post »

Brandy + Kerry | Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek Wedding 05.10.2014

Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah, they were all yellow. I love Coldplay, &View full post »

Ansley + Joey | Gassaway Mansion Wedding Sneak Peek!

What’s more rare than a unicorn, a talk show that doesn’t include the words, “You don’t know meView full post »

Krystal + Jason | Wedding at The Reserve at Lake Keowee 04.12.2014

Krystal & Jason had their lovely wedding ceremony at the gorgeous The Reserve at Lake Keowee, followed by aView full post »

Kristin + Matt | Wedding Sneak Peek!

“Oh my God. It’s starting to rain and I’m standing in a field in my wedding dress.” She didn&#View full post »

Heather + Justin | Westin Poinsett Wedding 04.05.14

“The Westin Poinsett” evokes certain images to the minds of Upstate residents – Classy. Elegant. GrandView full post »

Mimi + John | Wedding + Hyatt Regency Greenville Reception

Mimi + John stole my heart when we did their couples session in 2013. I could see that they had the same kind ofView full post »

Rebecca + Scott | Wedding Sneak Peek

It was the catch of the day. No, I’m not talking about Scott offically nabbing the radiantly beautiful Rebecca (View full post »

Larissa + Brenton | Wedding at Larkin’s On The River

Two of my favorite things – weddings, & downtown Greenville, SC. Put those things together & toss in theView full post »