If someone had told me 2 years ago that I would be writing my first blog post for my very own photography business, I probably would have given them my patent, “You’re pretty” smile and motored on. Yet here I am, or rather, here WE are.

So. How did this amazing situation come about? Yes, I have always enjoyed taking pictures – that magicky feeling of stopping time for just that moment and having it forever after to re-live over & over – but I never took the time to learn the mechanics of it. Then in 2007, my husband, Derrick, & I decided to go to Grand Cayman, & I begged & wheedled for a “good” camera until we got a Canon 400D Rebel XTi. We came came back from our trip with some pretty good shots and an awakened interest on my part to understand this cryptic black box that was a source of both squealy delight & utter disappointment. So I started reading.


Now, I have ALWAYS been a voracious reader; hey, I read Gone With the Wind for the first time when I was in 3rd grade. I. Love. to Read. But. I quickly found out that reading about apertures, focal lengths, depth of field and shutter speeds was definitely not pleasure reading; not at that point, anyway. Still, I slowly began to put some things together & experimented often to see if I could apply what I was learning. The next big step in this photographical evolution was entering one of my photos in a local juried art show. To say I was a little surprised when the photo was juried into the show is like saying Charlie Sheen gets a little too much air time. But there I was – IN the pro show! Then the cosmos decided to really mess with my head, & my photo won a merit award. I could’ve powdered that photo’s bottom & stuck a bottle in its mouth, I was so proud. Derrick either shared my wild elation or put on a good show, bless him. I think I also glimpsed a little fear ’cause he knows all too well what happens when I get stoked about something — the gears start turning. And so they did. One day I asked him, “What do you think the chances are I could actually do this & make a little money at it?” I forget his exact answer, it was either something like, “Sure, honey, I know you can”, or “Please don’t spend all my money.” Whatever.

So I started asking friends with children if I could do shoots of the kids, & from there it sort of took off. Once I posted images from the first session I did on Facebook, people started contacting me to do sessions for them. From kids I moved on to include couple & engagement sessions, & finally weddings.

By this time, Derrick had become interested in learning, too, & the gears started turning again; what if I could get him to JOIN me in this adventure?? I mentally ticked off the advantages — he’s obsessive; when he gets interested in something (road bikes, watches, golf, bourbon) he learns EVERYthing there is to know about it. I could exploit that kind of OCD. He’s big & strong — just what I need to tote around all that gear. Having two photographers for weddings — my work would be cut in half. He’s great with people; he could be my ice-breaker guy. And, oh yeah, he’s creative as all get out & I love being around him. Win/win. I played my cards carefully & somehow the idea appealed to him & I found myself with a partner.

There you have it; the beginnings of Michelle Brooks Photography. We’re into our second year, & our heads are swimming a little bit at the speed this roller coaster has gained. We’ve met some wonderful people who have been kind enough to love our work & entrust us with the visual documentation of some of the most important moments in a person’s life, & we are continually inspired by the perfect beauty imperfect humans hold within themselves, waiting for the cameral lens to release it. We’d be honored to have you follow our blog, & hope you’ll post many comments, whether it’s love for a post, critique or just plain ole shootin’ the breeze. We’ll have posts from recent shoots, answers to FAQs, tips, photography discussions, & random blithering. Let us know what you like, what you hate.

Set a spell. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, y’hear?