It’s awesome when you get the chance to do your thang for friends; Catrina + Andy are long-time friends of ours, + I was pumped to do their maternity session for them. I was never one of those pregnant women that “glowed” (I just swelled + sweated) but Catrina was like some kind of ethereal beauty! I could not be happier for this sweet couple. 🙂


Jackie contacted me motnhs ago about her family’s trip to Keowee Key + her desire to take advantage + have a family session. Usually there is some kind of glitch in these well-planned endeavors – bad weather, a cranky baby, an unexpected demolition of some kind in the surroundings! But this time everything was as perfect as possible, and even little Grace was in perfect picture-taking mode! 🙂 Here are some of my favorites from the day.

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One of the joys of being primarily a wedding photographer is sometimes, a couple loves you enough to ask you to continue to document their history of becoming a family. That’s Melissa + Eric Cheek. I was honored to shoot Melissa’s bridal session, then the wedding, the little Inman’s first photo session. Recently we all met up at Red Creek Farm (special shout out to Carol Anne for letting us shoot there!) on a cloudy day for a family session. How much fun was that?!?! You ain’t had fun til you see a 15 month old reacting to ducks, kittens + sheep! Inman let us know when he’d had enough of certain poses, but he was a perfect little gentleman + let us get in a great session 🙂

Family session Red Creek Farm

Family session Red Creek Farm



When you’re on a farm, you might get ducks.



Pure sweetness.



we wanted a “walking family” shot. Inman wanted a “Carry me,” shot!


Their wedding was one of the most memorable I’ve shot. Really. So much good stuff (lucious dress, stunner bride, brilliant fall colors, the BEST groom + groomsmen, see it here ). So you’d think I’d realize that their anniversary session was for their SECOND anniversary, not their first. You’d think. But, no, I show up with a besprinkled cupcake with a big ole 1 candle stuck in the top! Thank goodness it came with a little plain candle I’d plucked out to replace with the erroneous number 1 candle, which I quickly switched out after Lynda gently pointed out my mistake to me. Lol. After that the afternoon was flawless. Well. Almost. The weather at least was flawless, golden + mild. Justin + Lynda teased + playfully aggravated each other which is perfect for getting those “this-is-how-we-are” shots. There were a couple of mishaps ( a failed piggyback attempt + some muddy boots ) but all worth it in the end!




This is yummy.



“He’s ticklish,” Lynda said. Then proved.



How much do I love this??!!





This. Big heart.