Flashback Friday

You know how sometimes you’re reliving some childhood memory, & you say to whomever the lucky people are being forced to listen,”Yeah, I always used to —” or “We used to always—” & then your mom or dad gives you that raised brow & says in their “get real” tone of voice: “You did that once.” ??? It’s a system shakeup, I mean, it makes you question your whole belief system! Anyway, relating to today’s Flashback Friday photo, it seems to me that my grandparent’s on my mom’s side took these late afternoon drives on a regular basis, but who knows – I do know I remember this day clearly (pieces of it, anyway); I remember the feel of the warm car hood on my bare little legs, I remember my granddaddy taking the photo (apparently I did not get my photography skills from him – note his huge shadow, lol!), I remember a creek or small river running underneath the bridge (mainly because I wanted to go down to it & my grandmother wouldn’t let me), & I remember looking out the window as we drove & feeling the fresh air on my face. There’s no date on the back of the photo (just the word “Polaroid” marching across it) but I think I was about 7 so that would be 1969. Wish I had the cool maroon Chevy. Wish I had that cute little dress & sweater & shoes for my little granddaughter Savana to wear one day. Wish I had my Grandmama & Pop here to thank for making time to make memories for me.