Friday Flashback ~ If You Are Family, Be Afraid!

I love old photos – they don’t even have to be of someone I know, I’ll love it anyway! Therefore, I have decided to do a weekly blog feature; Friday Flashback. Each Friday I am going to scan a selected personal photo & give the background of it, at least whatever I know about it. As the title states, if you are family, your time will come to be featured….muhwhahahahahahah {evil laugh}

To start things off if this wonderful photo of my paternal grandfather, Clarence Faulkner. My grandmother told me she thought he was about 22 in this photo. How cool was he?  Granddaddy was a working man with big, rough, working man hands who loved to fish, garden & tinker with things. He once invented a retractable fishing reel after meeting a man with one arm who mentioned how much he missed fishing after losing his arm. He loved to laugh & had a huge, dazzling smile. He wasn’t much of a conversationalist on the phone; when I would call, he’d ask how I was, then say “Here’s your Grandmother – keep your eyes on the prize”, (which is a much-loved song of Jehovah’s Witnesses) & hand the phone over to Grandmother.

He died about 8 years ago. I’m still trying to keep my eyes on the prize, Grandaddy.   (-: