Josh Jones Workshop – Smack Dab Full of Learning & Creating

We’re all inspired by something – whether it’s people who do heroic and selfless acts, music that moves us to tears, or just the beauty of the whole wide world. I am continuously inspired by other photographers, especially those who have carefully honed their craft into a thing of gasp-worthy art. Josh Jones is one of those photographers, & he’s located right here in the Upstate in Greenville, SC. I had the enviable thrill to attend a day of his most recent workshop, which culminated in a chilly but so-worth-it walk around shoot downtown. Our models were a real life couple, Mike & Siobhan, & their miniature Australian shepherd, Finn. Here are my favorite images from the shooting, and, if you’re a photographer who likes to learn from the best in the field, do yourself a favor and attend one of Josh’s workshops 🙂