Oh My Geeeeeee!

Imagine you just found out you’d won the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes. Imagine Johnny Depp was the deliverer of that golden envelope (or whatever it is). Imagine he pointed to the boss black 1967 Mustang Fastback he’d driven up in & told you that was yours, too. And it was filled with boxes of pure Bavarian chocolate. And somewhere in there is a unicorn. That’s how excited I am about this.

I’ve been using PASS to deliver photo collections to clients since last April {love it!} . The growing mass of photographers who use pass as well as the brainiacs who developed it formed a group called Shoot and Share as a sort of forum for us to share experiences, ask questions, share ideas, etc. Shoot and Share has an annual photo contest in which photographers enter up to 40 images to various categories, then we all vote on our favorites in several stages until a winner is announced. Well, the voting is now down to the top 100 finalists in each category, and by some inexplicable cosmic fluke, I was informed that I have 3 (THREE!!!!) images that made it into the top 100 of 3 categories! Yeah. Time to breatheeeeeee.

Here are the 3 that made it.

“Purple Reign” in the Details: Cakes, Flowers, Decor category


“Rock of Ages” in the Just The Guests category


“Elizabeth” in the Bridal Portraits category