Project 365 – Day 106

“Eat more chicken!” That’s what Radio kept telling anyone who was at the Bleckley Inn today & stopped to talk to him. He pointed to his Chik-Fil-A logo-ed shirt each time. I met Coach Jones for the first time also (not the man at the right in this image), who seemed very gentle & friendly, & watched his cheerful buddy with affection. Radio couldn’t believe it when I told him I didn’t like football — he started asking everyone in the small group of people around him, “You like football? You like football?”

“Grandma’s cookie jar.” If you missed out on having one of these in your life when you were a child, you should go to your parents right now & demand a refund. 🙂 This was my Grandmother Faulkner’s cookie jar & it has an idelible place in my memory as far back as that memory goes. It was made by a company called Los Angeles Potteries in the 1950’s; this was their most popular desing. It’s called “The Cookies Cookie Jar”.