Project 365 – Day 108

Today was Baby Shower Day for a good friend of mine. Did she ever score! What caught my eye was the circle of little girls sitting at her feet, handing her gift bags & packages; they were totally enthralled with the whole thing. Their delight at each gift she opened was precious. 🙂


Ok, so it wasn’t the circus come to town, but it was a ferris wheel with some celebrity clout; Derrick spied it set up at the Anderson Civic Center & went to get some pics of it. A guy working there told him some history on it – it’s 1 of only 2 like it in the world & the other one isn’t working, & (and! ) Elvis Pressley & an actress he did a movie with sat in one of the seats (cars? booths?) for a scene in a movie (another shot I didn’t pick for the blog shows the car with “Elivs” on the front of the seat on the side he sat on, & “Vicky” on the side the actress sat in. Pret-tee cool 🙂