Project 365 – Day 258

Soren, our 6 yr old grandson, has started playing soccer – the perfect thing for a little body that has the pent-up energy of an atom. Tonight I saw him in action for the first time, which mostly consisted of a lot of running around & striking poses 🙂



I can totally relate to people not recycling because of the inconvenience and/or lack of space at their home to keep up with it. I get it.But I would like to encourage everyone to try something, just for awhile, to see if it’s do-able for them – pick one type of material to recycle, just one, & see what happens. Your newspapers/magazines or your glass or your 1 or 2 plastics (they don’t take the 5 or 7 plastics). When you just recycle one thing, it doesn’t pile up as fast & is a little more manageable. I think you’ll find, like Derrick & I did when we started, that when you see the volume just one family collects, it will be hard to go back to tossing it all into the trash that will end up in a landfill 🙂