Project 365 – Day 320

Y’know how some days go totally not how you thought they would? Enter today. A girlfriend & I were supposed to be in Atlanta right now, eating & maybe having a little drinky-poo before hitting the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center to see Ray Lamontagne..obviously that did not happen. Thankfully a friend who keeps up with things better than I texted me & asked if I knew the concert had been rescheduled for next week because Ray was sick so at least I was spared a futile trip to ATL. However I had already planned a little surprise for Derrick since he was going to be home alone tonight, & I’d already taken my shot of it so it, at least, shall go on as scheduled 🙂

So when’s the last time you saw a Kiss bumper sticker? (What I really like is what it says to the right : “Loud and Proud since 1973”. Which is probably the last time I personally saw a Kiss sticker)