Project 365 – Day 48

I do not sew. So do not ask what possessed me to think, 20 years ago, that I could somehow piece together a quilt. All I knew is that I loved quilts, & I wanted to make one. So, I found this neat little book with these template patterns in it — all you had to do is trace the pattern with carbon paper (wow, I just totally dated myself! who remembers carbon paper??) onto the fabric, & sew from dot to dot…to dot…to dot. Until all the pieces were sewn together. I didn’t tackle any simple little pattern, either; this is called the Seven Sisters. It is composed of 64 master blocks, each of which has seven 6 pointed stars in it. Get the picture? Each of the 6 points has to be sewn together to form a star; each star has to be joined to the other 6 stars in the master block; each master block has to be sewn together….all this by hand. Hence the reason I am still working on it 20 years after I started it. But I am close. Oh, yes. I am close.

Yesterday he was trying to catch a bluebird. Today he brings this home as his shot; I think someone has a flight fetish 🙂