Project 365 – Day 78

“It’ s so tasty, too!” If you recognize the picture & the quote, you’ve just dated yourself to my age bracket! If you aren’t familiar with it, do yourself a favor & watch the video . This lady was a comedic genius. One of my doctor’s has this picture in his lobby. Classic.

So when Derrick stopped by my mom & dad’s house this evening to give Mom a much-needed boost in the form of this cheery bouquet, no one answered the door bell summons. So he left it in a little corner at their door, nestled in among some plants Mom must be planning to out out in her yard. Then he called me to tell me they must not be home. What? Not home on a Wed. evening at 6:15pm? You jest. So I called & sure enough, Mom answers the phone. Oh, she says, after I explain that Derrick was just there ringing the bell, I was in the bedroom watching TV & Gene must not have heard the bell. Ok, I tell her, well, you’ve got something at the front door for you. The little squeal of delight she gave when she saw it was worth it all. Love ya, Mama. 🙂