Project 365 – Day {Drumroll, please} 365!

We did it. 365 consecutive days of one photo every. single. day. The only time Derrick missed was about a week after he had his retina detach so I’m not even considering a teeny bit that he didn’t ace this. It’s been challenging, fun, hard, boring, fulfilling, exciting, tiring, exhilirating…part of me is sooooo glad it’s over but there’s a tiny part of me that knows I’m going to miss it. And I know I’ll be catching myself searching for a suitable subject for the day for a long time to come. I want to thank all of you who have followed us & commented on our posts. If you enjoy photography, even a little bit, I’d highly recommend doing a P365. It changes the way you see things. So, for now, adios, amigo & amigas. Thanks for the memories!