Projecy 365 – Day 18

One good cheat deserves another, right? So, yesterday I observed (correctly) that Derrick did not play fair in this project because he took advantage of having the opportunity of photographing our irrestible 6 mo. old granddaughter as his subject; what chance did my boring little post office boxes have?? So today, I am taking advantage of the fact that I was at a workshop all day taught by the incredible Amy Wood of Elev8Studios, & I had a young, gorgeous couple to delight my camera. This is Tom & Lacey, as my camera saw them.

And while I was learning my butt off at the workshop, Derrick had the exhausting job of  entertaining our two oldest grandkids, Levi & Regan, & playing outside with them & Lilo, our Welsh Pembroke Corgi. That’s Regan’s legs caught in this frame. Lilo, obviously, is in heaven when “her” kids are around.