The Deluxe, The Signature & The Exquisite Wedding Albums

I have so many clients ask me about their choices in albums I thought I’d do a blog post on them (and yes, I do show most clients the samples during our consultation, but since some couples – the smart ones, lol! – book their wedding photographer 6-12 months prior to their wedding, it’s easy to forget what’s available; and I have booked clients I’ve never met in person til the wedding day!).

I offer 3 albums – all are 10×10 (other sizes are available but this is my standard album), all are printed on thick, archival pages, and all are gorgeous! The Deluxe Flushmount & The Signature are included in our 8 hour wedding package (The Eden), and The Exquisite is an upgrade. All come with 10 pages (20 sides) unless upgraded with more pages.


The Deluxe Flushmount Album (being discontinued 12/31/13)

The Deluxe Flushmount comes in 13 standard leather covers. Clients can choose to have 3 lines of text imprinted on the cover – either in the lower center or lower right hand color, in gold or silver (ignore the “MichelleB Photography” on my sample; that was my name before I realized using my whole name was better!) . Page edges can be square or rounded.

The Signature

The Signature Album is replacing the Deluxe Flushmount as of 12/31/2013. It offers cover options of Custom Image (pictured) or standard leather in 9 colors. Pages also may be rounded or squared on edges. Leather covers (with the exception of Brown Velvet color) may be stamped with gold or silver text, up to 3 lines in the lower center or  lower right hand corner. Other upgrade options include acrylic or brused metal with leather spines.

The Exquisite (upgrade)

The Exquisite album is scrumptiously luxurious – the cover is of contrasting materials ( the color options are almost endless) with a 4×6 brushed metal cameo image. The spreads of the pages in The Exquisite have a tiny “gutter” which allows it to lie a little flatter than The Signature. The other features are basically the same as The Signature without the option of imprinting on the cover.

The gutter of The Exquisite (top) versus the panorama spread of The Signature (Bottom).

Here’s a look at some of the lovely 🙂