Vendor Chat with Katie Shawger Cotton of Cotton Rouge & Company

Vendor Chat is an arena for Greenville, SC and Upstate South Carolina wedding vendors to spotlight their company and themselves, to help couples get to know the person behind the business. The vendors featured here will always be ones I have worked with personally, whether they are established in the upstate area or fresh new faces.

Our Vendor Chat today is with Katie Shawger Cotton, owner of Greenville, SC’s premier make up and hair artistry company, Cotton Rouge & Company. Here’s what Katie had to say:

How long have you been a makeup artist ?

I’ve been a full time professional makeup artist since 2003 though i studied and practiced makeup artistry for years before that.
What would you say influenced you to choose this profession?

I grew up in a theatre family. My dad is a set designer while my mom is costume design. I both performed and did makeup artistry theatre ever since I was a little girl and I also studied a great deal of dance. But my favorite part was always getting ready for the show and helping others to do the same, so in the end, I decided that makeup was the true career choice. After being involved in production, I moved out to California where I worked in music videos and commercials and occasionally worked with bridal parties which I found I loved working with everyday people. After I moved from California to South Carolina I found I loved making brides feel like they were the superstar for the day!
What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Oops, i just answered this question! I love making the everyday woman feel absolutely remarkable about how she looks!
Is there a current wedding trend regarding hair or make-up that you are currently really digging?
I’m loving the softer romantic looks! I’ve always liked things to be clean and somewhat polished but the more recent elegantly undone looks are stunning!
What’s the biggest mistake you see brides making when it comes to their wedding?

Trying to do too much themselves! I see too many DIY brides! And while they may very well be capable and it may save some money, it adds a tremendous amount of stress and you just can’t put a price on your time (or sanity!)
What are some questions brides should ask when interviewing a makeup artist?

They should ask how many bridal parties they regularly work with. There are a lot of truly talented makeup and hair artists out there, but I do believe that working with a bridal party is a different ballgame. There is an entirely different set of challenges and obstacles that may or may not present itself and I feel like an artist well established within the wedding vendor community is going to be able to help with those challenges and certainly not be flustered when they arise.
What’s the most interesting thing you can remember happening to you on the job?
Oh I have all kinds of stories from the people I meet, conversations I’ve had and the wacky things that can happen before a wedding. I honestly can’t think of 1 that stands out more than the other that doesn’t possibly show a negative side for a bride though, so i’ll take those stories to my grave. 😉

You get the last word – take it away!

I truly love everything about what I do. I find it a blessing that I am able to do what I love as a profession and it’s something that also makes each client feel great. On top of that, I’ve been able to grow my business to something that enables me to provide job opportunities for other artists who also love what I love. Together we are able to make women all over the upstate feel amazing. My husband tells me I don’t know how to not work hard, that I don’t know how to take time off. And while I agree that sometimes you simply have to pause to take in your work around you and enjoy your family and life (something I do have to constantly remind myself of!), I love what I do so much that it isn’t a job I need a break from. It’s a passion and something that I truly feel like I could do forever.


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